The perfect laptop allows you to embrace computing on the go to a much fuller extent than even the best smart phones and tablets.

They help you stay productive, online and in business no matter where you might be. The amount of choice and varying quality can make for an overwhelming decision. We are proudly product independent, so we’ll always guide you towards the best one for you.


When it comes to quality and reliability, our most popular range by far is from Fujitsu. Their Notebook and Lifebook portfolio empowers and supports businesses across the world with a broad range of solutions, from entry-level to next generation systems. Extensive configuration options allows for ultimate flexibility too. Every Fujitsu notebook delivers reliability; driven by a combination of German precision engineering and Japanese quality, supported by 30 years of experience.

Choose and configure a notebook from our wide range that suits the demands of your business. Whether Fujitsu, Dell, HP or any other manufacturer, we are able to supply and configure equipment that will meet your needs.