Co-location of dedicated resources such as your telecommunications and data storage has a number of benefits over the often costly alternative of creating in-house systems.

It allows you to take advantage of dedicated setups that provide high availability, greater connectivity, increased scalability and heightened security that are difficult to match internally. You also benefit from the latest updates and compliance upgrades.


Security, flexibility and seamless integration with existing infrastructure are all things you can expect from our co-location services. We will tailor a solution that fits your requirements perfectly, be the emphasis testing and development, back up and disaster recovery - or all encompassing. We provide every aspect of the solution - from hardware to management layer. Our solutions are designed to save your money and time whilst enhancing connectivity, reliability and of course, security.

We can help you work smarter and safer with our cost-effective co-location services. Keeping up with demand through constant purchase and management of yet more devices and hardware is a burden you can leave to us, allowing you to get back to running your business and being there for your clients. And we’ll be there for you, with our dedicated 24-7 year round support.