With over 65 years of experience in the formation and delivery of successful IT strategy, you can be assured that our consultancy services will prove to be a genuine asset to your business.

We specialise in the formation and delivery of IT strategy as well as solution design and implementation. If you are looking for expertly guided direction on how to use technology to drive your business, then we are the people to talk to. It often isn’t financially feasible to retain specialists in-house on a long term basis. A partnership with FLRS means you’ll have our in-depth expertise at your disposal whenever it’s needed, giving you and your company not just value, but also peace of mind.


Whether you’re combating infrastructure challenges, software development choices or full directional change, we will engage with your sponsors and management to deliver the perfect solution. At FLRS you can expect professional advice from the right people with the skill sets and experience to really influence positive change in how you do business. Our word counts.